Here are some examples of where we left our mark.

Henry the 9th – Series

J.D. Zeik (writer of the film “Ronin”, starring Robert DeNiro) had an idea for a comedy set in a Renaissance Festival. Brian not only Directed the project, but was heavily involved with the Pre-Production, along with co-producer Sean Quinn. They storyboarded the shots, cast the video, and sourced the costumes, props, sound and set design. They reached out to the Fort Tryon Renaissance Festival to use their costumes. Then they secured the German Masonic Park in New York, and the production team transformed it into an entire Renaissance Festival filming location and set. This enabled the team and talent to lose themselves in the most authentic production design possible.

Cold Cold Coffin – Music Video

Dennis Dunaway, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee and founding member of The Alice Cooper Group, had a new song. Cinematographer Peter Perenyi suggested making a film for the song and invited our founder, Brian Cichocki to direct the project. Brian worked alongside Dennis and Peter to create the arc of the story and storyboarded the video. While collaborating on the Gothic theme, Brian proposed shooting the film in black and white. The team shot over two days on location at a castle in Bolton Landing NY, and Brian was heavily involved with the post-production editing.

‘Activate’ by LeadologyTM  – Corporate Video

The founder and CEO of LeadologyTM, Carrie Skowronski, needed an exciting way to get the word out about her online managerial coaching class. After meeting with Carrie to get an idea of the message she wanted to convey, we came up with the idea of interviewing her about her program and interweaving that footage with client testimonials that described the personal impact her program had on them. We read through her class materials to formulate interview questions that would best prompt answers that conveyed her message in an evocative way. In post-production we edited the hours of client testimonials to align with the content she had answered and paired it with office footage to create a compelling story.

The Pearl – Series

David Deblinger of the Labyrinth Theater Company in New York City approached Brian about his idea for a series. Brian, along with co-producer Sean Quinn, worked with David to develop the pilot episode, and helped to cowrite the final script. Brian directed the project, and was heavily involved in location scouting, casting, sourcing the wardrobe, props and set and overseeing the entire production. The project shot over two days at various locations and then edited in post-production to create the entertaining and informative trailer.