Collaboration is the name of our game

From the very beginning of a project to the end, we work with you all along the way to create a unique video that is true to your goals, exciting to watch, and leads toward your vision.

A group of people at a large desk in a casual office setting planning a project with laptops and spreadsheets covering the desk.

We plan and then we plan some more

We get to know every inch of your project’s territory before we start shooting. By spending quality pre-production time and making sure we have everything we need, we show up professionally and ready to go.

Because we’re prepared, we don’t waste precious time on the day/s of the shoot.

Preparation also opens possibilities to play during a shoot. It allows us space to find the perfect shot angle or try some improvised dialogue. It also gives us flexibility to deal with whatever surprises arise—bad weather, an unplanned animal visit at an outdoor shoot, or anything else that may come our way. 


A hand drawn brainstorm of a film production story board.


We get to know you, your business, and most importantly the message you are trying to convey.

Working with you throughout this process, we:

  • Develop a story concept and create storyboards to frame out the video
  • Formulate and write a script if needed, and create a production plan for shooting
  • Select set location(s), set design and decoration(s) and source all costuming/wardrobe
  • Cast the actors and work with them to prepare for the shoot
  • Coordinate all scheduling and access our large network of contacts to assemble the best crew for your project


On the day(s) of shooting:

  • The director, production crew, and cast arrive on set to film your story.
  • We capture everything needed for the agreed-upon story and create some additional improvised content to get the best visual material for your project.
Man editing a film with headphones on and two large monitors on his desk.


Once all content is “in the can”, our talented team of editors work under the watchful eye of the director to:

  • Review all content and select the best parts to tell your story succinctly and powerfully
  • Add sound, music, and graphics to build a dynamic and compelling video


You are given the “First Cut” of the project to review and provide feedback and notes:

  • We then refine the content according to your feedback.
  • Based on our contract agreement, we may do a second round of revisions if needed.
A cropped photo of a person sitting at a desk with a laptop and notebook with a pen in their hand.
A young woman in an open office setting looking very happy and the other employees are cheering.


Once the “Final Cut” is approved, we provide you with the video files to launch your story on whichever platform you choose: Web or Television.